Yoga is a way of living, means of achieving health in body, mind and sprit. Today, we are in 21st century; a spiritual heritage is being reclaimed of which yoga is very much a part. Yogic practices give direct and tangible benefits to everybody regardless of their spiritual aims. Psychical & mental therapy is one of yoga's most important achievements.
According to yoga the mind is the most important component in the cause of disease. Our body -mind complex is a marvel of creation both intricate & subtle in design.
To be healthy, mentally & physically, one must know the body-mind complex, it needs and requires like servicing, oiling etc. People are sick because they do not know their bodies & minds what they need and how to keep them properly.
Through the application of yoga we will be able to maintain this body-mind vehicle in top running condition for as long as possible so that life can be cheerful, joyful, free and fulfilling.
Yogic classification for disease:
Mental cause-The core or essence of disease is in the mind.
Pranic cause-Disease is also associated with disturbance in the energy system of the body
Physical cause-This aspect includes some other factors like
a) Life style-modern living, sleeping habit, smoking, diet and sedentary occupation
b) Heredity
c) Age and aging
d)The mind and body are one. They are not merely linked but are interlocked and reflect each other. What we are seen on the physical plain as disease is reflected from the mental levels into the brain and then into the body.
The body is directly influenced by the mind. If a positive attitude as well as strength and health of mind is maintained, then body is well nourished and flourished.
All the ancient Yoga texts deal with the mind in its proper prospect. When we, too gain this prospective we can deal with the mind and disease as easily and effectively, as it is written in these texts. They said that our being has five components or Koshas (sheaths).

1. Annamaya kosha
2. Pranamaya kosha
3. Manomaya kosha
4. Vignanamaya kosha
5. Anandamaya kosha


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