Chakra literally means "wheel" or "circle". In yogic context the word chakra means "vortex" or "whirlpool ". Each chakra works as a transformer and controls the circulation of pranic energy at specific areas in the body. While we concentrate on chakra, it not only stimulates the flow of energy through the Chakras but also help to activate them and able to awaken the dormant areas in the brain and allowing one to experience higher state of consciousness.
It is very difficult to accept and explain about the existence of the chakras by the modern man, or the scientists or philosophers. It exists in the physical body. But in a subtle experiencing way. One can not show the chakras by cutting the body. But one can experience it like the mind in the brain or the existence of cheese in the milk.
The realizations of the chakras are very personal. It depends upon one's own thoughts and understanding and they are about to see these occult aspects from different point of view. For example, if they have experienced the color of the chakras and that became different according to their perception. But it differs from person to person. All their experiences are correct and same but from different point of view. When we see a person from right side, we see the right side of his body and when from the front, we see the front side of body. The same person but different viewpoints.
In this way a yogi will describe the chakrasin spiritual or symbolic way. A doctor may describe the chakras as bunches of nerve fibers. This is a common problem amongst people when they try to communicate any idea or experience in words.
For the practice of yogic kriyas, one should know the different colors and symbols of the chakras. Because they are very beautiful and form an intrinsic part of the awakening of the individuals chakras. So, one should know the color, mantra, symbol etc of the chakras before going to practice on it.
In Yoga the chakras are symbolized by the lotus flower. Because lotus is very significant. There are three stages of spiritual life in human being which represents three levels of his existence.
1) Ignorance
2) Aspiration and endeavor
3) Illumination
In the same way the lotus also exists on three different levels.
a) Mud
b) Water
c) Air

The yogis co-relate the levels of lotus with the spiritual levels of man. In mud (ignorance)where the lotus sprouts and grows up through the water in an effort to reach the surface (endeavor and aspiration) and lastly reaches the air where it faces the light of the sun(i.e. illumination).
In this way the lotus symbolizes the man's growth from the lowest starts of awareness to the higher states of consciousness. In this way it is helpful to awakening of human potential.
Each principal charkas can be visualized as a lotus flower with a specific color, number of petals, Yantra or geometrical shape, a beeja mantra, an animal symbol and the higher or divine beings.
The beeja mantras or seed sounds of the Sanskrit alphabet represent the different manifestation of psychic energy, which connected to chakras and nadies or psychic channels.
Each chakra has a Yantra comprised of geometrical symbol of its associated element and beeja mantra.
  Chakras Petal  Color Kshetram
1 MOOLADHAR 4 deep red lotus Does not have kshetram
2 SWADHISTAN 6 vermilion lotus Pubic bone infront of the body
3 MANIPURA   10 bright yellow lotus Navel
4 ANAHAT     12 blue lotus Heart
5 VISHUDDHI    16 violet lotus Throat pit
6 AJNA     2 silver gray Brumadhya(eyebrow centre)
7 SAHASHRARA 1,000 multi or red color lotus  


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