YOGA TOURISM is a new concept for "Celebrating Your Destination with YOGA".
A generally accepted idea by the foreigners is, that India is a land of billions of people, of millions of gods, of great variety of religions, of enormous number of temples, of philosophers and sadhus or saints, of festivals and fares, of deserts and hills, of cows and snakes etc.etc.
But sure there is much more to that!
In its past, it was famous as a very rich land due to silver and gold, precious stones, refined textiles, silk and cotton, variety of spices etc. etc. Foreign merchants came to trade with India, foreign armies invaded India to loot the riches and to conquer its people. This was the reason why Vasco Da Gama searched for the sea route to India. There was also one Nadir Shah who came from Iran and stole the famous peacock thrown during the Mughal period. And we all remember the famous Silk route in India. So rich was India! We remember them because they hit the history. And there were many more like them.
Due to its richness, the French, Dutch and British came here to trade. India used to be known as the Golden Bird till the British departure. People made beautiful buildings; forts etc for their own use. Now many of the palaces and places are historical monuments, and are visited, by millions of people from all over the world.
As many buildings have gone into the history so have gone its richness of the past. However these are not the only things that India can offer to its visitors. India also offers to see its landscape and wildlife by river rafting and trekking, mountaineering and bird-watching. It offers to visit its sunlit beaches, to climb its hills, to listen to the masters of music, to admire the masters of dance and to taste the rich cuisine.
Does India offer only traditional tourist entertainments to a visitor? - NO!
There is another thing that India can offer and for which she is also famous. That is its millennia ancient wisdom on how to preserve and improve man's physical and mental health and how to achieve spiritual growth. India has experienced many ups and downs due to invasions, wars and robbery by various rulers. But there is one thing that has never changed from time immemorial and remains standing, as the emblem of India, and it is its ancient wisdom.
The Rishis (sages) have been preserving this knowledge unchanged through ages and today it can help us to release us from the problems caused by stress. The teachings help us to understand how animals live in harmony with their environment and with their own bodies, and how we can maintain health and meet the challenges of nature through imitating animal postures. For example, by imitating the rabbit in shashank asana one can influence the flow of adrenaline, which is responsible for the 'fight or flight' mechanism.
What does "Yoga Tourism" mean?
We offer the introduction into Yoga practise together with the possibility of enjoying the treasures of Indian art, history, monuments and nature, by bringing Yoga into our visitor's program
You have become curious how can it be combined?
Go on and ENTER the program!!!!

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