Founded in the 18th century. It is a small hamlet with almost 16000 habitants in it. It is very famous for its painted arched gateway adorned with lord Krishna and his cows, The havelies(mansions )are the attraction of this place. A shiva temple with a rock crystal lingam is also worth a visit .The fort the old wells are also interesting things to watch. The fort has now been converted into a hotel.
What are havelies and how they came into existence?
Rich merchants in this area built the Havelies or the Mansions. These havelies have a very unique architectural style that evolved around the courtyards to ensure safety and privacy of the women and protection from the heat of the very very hot summers. The havelies, painted predominantly in blue, maroon, yellow green and indigo have beautiful wall paintings that adorn their walls
The businessmen (one of the most important merchant and business groups in India called Marwaries) developed their business acumen on the trade route between Delhi and the coast and between India and Central Asia. They were very anxious to serve their rulers and be protected by them. They were often the Maharajas' financers and extravagant patrons of the arts. In the 19th century they made their fortune, trading from Calcutta. Bombay and Madras and repatriating much of their wealth back to their homeland in Jhunjhun and Sikar district. Many of them built grand Havelies in 360 villages
The 19th century brought the new motifs, an out come of the British Raj's influence upon the Indian culture. Now cars replaced elephants and traditional Indian miniatures mixed up with naturalism of western paintings to produce interesting hybrids results. The mythological themes depicting gods, European oleographs, lithographs and photographs, substituted heroes, epics and legends
Trains,cars,Englishmen hunting were painted all over the wall -thus making the havelies interesting for both Indian and foreign travelers.

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