The Technique of Yoga has their sources in tantra and the two can not be separated, just as consciousness, Shiva can not be separated from energy Shakti. Tantra is a combination of two words "Tanoti" and "Trayati." This means expansion and liberation respectively. Therefore tantra is the science of expanding the consciousness and liberating the energy. We can say it in another way that it is the way to attain freedom from the bondage of the world being living in it.
The first step in tantra is to know the limitations and capacities of the body and mind.
Next it prescribes techniques for the expansion of consciousness and the liberation of energy where by individual limitations are transcended and a higher reality experienced. Lord Shiva is widely considered to be the symbol or the embodiment of supreme consciousness. Parvati her consort represents supreme knowledge, will and action, and is responsible for all creation. This force or energy is also known as kundalini shakti. The cosmic shakti which is in dormant form in all beings. Parvati is regarded as the mother of the whole universe. The individual soul is embodied and bound to the world of name and form and also liberated from the bondage of the world and united with supreme consciousness through her grace out of love and compassion for her children. She imparted her secret knowledge of liberation in the form of tantra.
Tantric physiology :
There are seven main charkas (energy centers) containing psychic powers in the human body. When activated they hold potential for reaching cosmic planes of existence. They can be portals into a new existence and the realization of inherent powers.
CHAKRAS:-There are so many charkas in our body .But seven of them are very important .
MOOLADHAR:-It is located in perineum. From here the spiritual evolution started .One goes beyond animal consciousness and progress starts for a real human being.
SWADHISTAN:-Situated in the coccyx (tail bone of spine). Corresponds to the sacral flexus of nerves and controls the unconscious.
MANIPUR:-It is located in the spine behind the navel. Corresponds to solar flexus of nerves. Regulates the bodily temperature, digestion and assimilation.
ANAHAT:-It is located in the spine behind the base of the heart. Corresponds to cardiac flexus of nerves. Controls the function of heart, lungs, diaphragm etc.
VISUDDHI:-Located in the spine, behind the throat pit. Corresponds cervical plexus of nerves. Controls the epiglottis, thyroid glands etc.
AJNA:-It is located in the middle of the brain directly above the spine, behind the eyebrow centre. Corresponds to the pineal gland. It has the complete control over all the bodily function.
SAHASHRARA:-Situated at the crown of the head. It is the final culmination of kundalini shakti. Which is the seat of higher awareness.
Sahhasrara is said to be abode of Lord Shiva the cosmic consciousness, and Mooladhar is the seat of Shakti Whose is that of a cosmic force known as kundalini. Ultimately, tantra asana aims to arouse kundalini shakti to unite with Shiva.
The human body also contains five koshas or sheaths. According to tantra only one third of the human body is inevidence -the rest is not visible.
The five sheaths are:
1. Annamaya Kosha: It works in mooladhar, swadhisthan and manipur area
2. Pranamaya Kosha:Pranamaya works in Anahat and Vishuddhi
3. Manomaya Kosha & 4. Vignanamaya Kosha Both are identified with the cognitive principle, the Ajna chakra is the center. Here in this state one gets inner vision, simultaneous knowledge as they really are and the third eye opens in the center of head.
5. Anandamaya Kosha:Here one can experience the bliss and it works at Sahashrara.
Through the yogic practices the energy begins to rise upwards from the mooladhar chakra, breaking open and transforming each energy centers as she ascends until Shakti enters the magnetic sphere of Shiva consciousness.
The discipline of breathing is absolute essential in yogic practices because the prana (vital air) enters human body through these charkas and nadis diffusing through out according to different functions. These vital air are important to the tantric practitioners


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