Like other cities Varanasi is also a combination of two names of the rivers Varun and Arsi thus make Varanasi. Its mythological name is Kashi, which means spiritual light according to another theory the name Kashi derives from the name of an aboriginal tribe called Kashias. They lived here during the Paleolithic period and used to weave small rugs made of the grass Kashas to be used for meditation. It is one of the most ancient city of India and the most favorite city of the lord Shiva. For many centuries the Hindus come here to wash their sins in the sacred river Ganga. In order to obtain the liberty from the cycle of rebirths. If your sins are washed in the river then you can reach to the salvation directly with out being in the process of rebirth. Varanasi was one of the fifth places founded by the Aryans some 4500 years ago. They chose Varanasi as center for education., commerce, culture etc. From 1st till the 10th century AD Varanasi used to be dominated by many Hindu dynasties later it was taken over by the muslims and in this period in the regime of emperor Jehanjir the art and literature flourished very much. The art and the silk industries reached to its climax during this period it is still continuing today. The Varanasi silk is considerd one of the best silk in India. After this Muslim domination once again the domination fell into the hands of Hindus Maharaja Vibhuti singh was one such king who dominated here .He was the last maharaja of Varanasi.. Education and to know the spirituality is the way of life here .The people of varanasi begin their day very early almost by the crack of dawn.They go to ghats near the Ganga and take the holy dip in the river ,offer some holy water to the Sun god.thew restaurants near the river opens very early morning and it is really very fascinating top see the whole things at that moment of time..

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